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ew York City, 1991. Small-time crooks TOMMY (Pitt) and ROSIE (Arianda) have two things in common: a crazy-passionate love for one another and-after they're caught robbing a florist on Valentine's Day-prison records. Trying to go straight, Rosie lands a job at a debt-collection agency and persuades Tommy to join her.

But soon Tommy is skipping his shifts to do something much more interesting-attend the landmark trial of Mafia hit man Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, whose graphic testimony could finally bring down flamboyant Gambino-family boss John Gotti.

Bill Teitler wanted to show me something in the window of 3 Guys, a coffee shop on Madison Avenue at 75th Street. He pointed t

o a postcard for "Rob the Mob," a movie he produced that opens Friday. Mr. Teitler said it wasn't an accident that the postcard had found its way into the window: He said he had surreptitiously slipped it there a few minutes earlier.

Such are the creative things you're required to do when making independent films with extremely modest advertising budgets. Then again, 3 Guys might have been willing to promote the movie voluntarily; the producer is a good customer.

"The reason I suggested this place to meet...," he said as we joined Raymond De Felitta, the film's director, in a spacious booth, "...is that this was the pre-preproduction office," Mr. De Felitta said, finishing the sentence. "We spent a lot of money at 3 Guys."

That may explain why the waiter wasn't harassing us to order anything. "I'm in here a lot," Mr. Teitler acknowledged. "We should probably get a cup of coffee."

He ended up ordering a cheeseburger and fries, everybody at the table helping themselves to his lunch.

'm not sufficiently familiar with the intricacies of film financing, or audience reaction for that matter—even though the preliminary buzz is positive—to predict that once "Rob the Mob" hits movie theaters, Messrs. Teitler and De Felitta will be dining on sautéed black bass at Le Bernardin rather than burgers at 3 Guys.

But I found the film so charming when I saw it at a screening a few months back that if the movie gods happen to smile down upon the effort (Mr. De Felitta listed that intangible, in addition to a good story, good acting and good directing, as essential to success), they should, at a minimum, be able to open their next pre-production office at Serafina, the upscale izzeria a few blocks north on Madison Avenue.

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